5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney

July 23, 2020 00:04:53
5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney
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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney

Jul 23 2020 | 00:04:53


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Hello, this is Jeff Kelly and Today is July 23 2020. Today we are going to talk about the five most important questions that you should ask before you decide to hire a bankruptcy attorney. There are some important questions that every consumer should ask before hiring a bankruptcy attorney. Hiring the right attorney will ensure that you get the best Fresh Start possible after completing your case. And after being a senior bankruptcy attorney in Georgia for over 22 years, I think I can offer some advice on this topic.

First of all, you must ask How many years has this attorney practice consumer bankruptcy law. Of course, the longer the time the more training and experience he will have 10 years or more gives you a good probability that he’ll have specific legal knowledge to use in getting you the best outcome for your case. This specific knowledge not only relates to knowing the laws but also knowing the other lawyers judges and how they operate and being able to figure out the best strategy for your case.

Secondly, you must ask, does this attorney limit her practice to consumer bankruptcy law? Do you want your attorneys caseload to include legitimising child, criminal law, handling divorces, child custody, real estate, firearms, reading wills and estates, probating estates and throwing for good measure consumer bankruptcy? I think not. Obviously, you would rather be represented by an attorney who limits his or her practice to consumer bankruptcy.

Third, you must ask, how many bankruptcies has he handled? Obviously, you would rather have someone who has tried, has has filed a lot of cases ideally 500 or more. An attorney with that level of experience is gonna be much better at things such as figuring out liquidation issues in your case, you know, do you risk losing your house? Do you risk losing your car? You know, are there other assets? basically keeping keeping you out of hot water. And you certainly don’t want to get someone who just graduated from law school, that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Something else you want to know is after after reviewing your case, can he or she give you specific issues on the fine details of your bankruptcy case? Like are you going to lose your house? How much is your payment going to be and how is this payment calculated?

Last but not least, you must ask. Will he give you will he explained to you in detail the costs that are involved all of the transaction costs and after an attorney does a thorough job of determining what type of work is needed in your case, if he’s experienced, he should be able to get you these details.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what my answers would be to the above questions and I will lay it out for you.

As I mentioned, I have over 20 years of experience in bankruptcy in Georgia. In other words, I’ve been around the block a few times. Your case would not be my first rodeo. Before I opened my practice in 2005, I worked a few years for some large bankruptcy filers. I’ve handled just about everything you can think of in a consumer bankruptcy case.

My practice is 100% computer consumer bankruptcy. I don’t spend my time fighting over who gets the table and chairs and a divorce. Instead, I spend my time aggressively defending clients in their bankruptcy cases.

Over the years, I have handled several thousand bankruptcy cases.

After reviewing your case, I will tell you upfront the specific issues I believe that are relevant your bankruptcy case, we will discuss all of your debts, all of your assets will go up your income will go up your expenses and we will come up with a plan that works for you.

After you share with me everything I need to know to analyze your case, you will receive a clear explanation of all the costs relating to your case. After all, isn’t that what you’re after to improve your chances of getting the best outcome being kept up to date, knowing what it’ll cost and getting this handled so that you can get on with the rest of your life.

All you have to do now is give me a call at 770-881-8449 and schedule a free appointment. If I’m not available. I have three super experienced attorneys at work for me who will also do a fantastic job.

Thank you very much for tuning in.

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