What happens to the credit score after bankruptcy?

June 22, 2020
What happens to the credit score after bankruptcy?
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What happens to the credit score after bankruptcy?

Jun 22 2020 |


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Hello, this is Jeff Kelly. And in this podcast today, I’m going to talk about what happens to your credit score after bankruptcy. Am I doomed? For many years. What does my future look like? Will I ever be able to buy a new car at a decent interest rate? Will I ever be able to buy that house that I’ve always dreamed of? Is my financial future ruined forever as a bankruptcy attorney who has practiced in this area since 1998?

I have heard questions like these hundreds of times. And the answer might shock you. The answer is this. Most people do recover within about two years, one to two years of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How can that possibly be? You may say, well, first of all, usually by the time the clients come meet with me, the damage has already been done. Most potential clients have stopped paying credit cards. Many months ago, had cars repossessed. Been sued by creditors. Had wages garnished or had their house foreclosed.

Any of these will put a major hit to your credit rating. For most people considering bankruptcy, like I said, the damage is already there. So the question is, what do we want to do going forward? Do you ever get a knot in your stomach when you think about your credit score?

David, just feel sick to your stomach thinking about all that debt and the interest and late fees and just mess that’s hanging over you and it’s not going anywhere. Well, Chapter 7 might help make that pain go away. So the question is, how do we clean it up and how do we how do we clean up the mess from the past and move forward with a better future?

Well, step one is we get the case filed. We stop the immediate pressure from the creditors. You know, as soon as we get the case filed, the phone calls have to stop the lawsuits, stop the harassing letters, stop.

Everything stops. And that’s a wonderful that’s a wonderful, peaceful feeling. And then the second, an important step is through the bankruptcy. We’re going to eliminate all of your debt. So this underlying problem is gone. It’s not coming back on you again. You don’t have to worry about it. And that’s where most bankruptcy attorneys will leave it. And I’m not saying it’s a terrible thing. That’s just the traditional way it’s done. You come in, you meet with the bankers attorney, you get your debts wiped out, you’re out the door.

Well, we do something a little different. We we take it a step further. And there’s a course called Fresh Start for Life.

And in this course, a good friend of mine named Don Golden will teach you how you can rebuild your credit after filing bankruptcy.

Don says that most people can get to a 720 credit score within 12 to 24 months.

And that’s really important because if you go out and get a car loan with a super high interest rate or, you know, more loans, I mean, that history could repeat itself. And like I said earlier, I’ve been doing this as 1998 and I’ve had quite a few clients who have filed more than once. And there’s no shame in that because, I mean, life happens. So don’t ever be afraid to call me again. But if there’s if there’s something we could learn that might be able to prevent us from falling back into a bad spot, I think it’s very worthwhile to take steps and learn from Don, hear what he has to say and see if he can’t help you move on to a better future.

So this course, it costs like nine hundred ninety seven dollars. But my clients get it as part of a package because I have a ball ray, a bulk rate deal with fresh start for life. So all of my clients get the course as soon as their case is discharged. So.

In this course, he’s going to teach you the fastest way to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. Don promises to teach you, and I quote, how to make the credit card companies pay you to use their cards, have money left in your pocket every month to buy things you want, grow your bank account to the amount you desire. Find money for emergencies like your hot water heater or your air conditioning unit. Car repairs. Get the resources to take vacations you’ve been dreaming about and.

You know, if if you’re thinking about filing Chapter seven, you got a lot of stuff hanging over your head, worried about your credit score. You just need it. You just want a new start. You want to start over.

Give me a call. 770-881-8449. We offer a free consultation to everyone.

It doesn’t hurt to learn about your options.

It does hurt to bury your head in the sand and ignore your options and pretend like the problem is going to go away by itself because it won’t take action today.

Give me a call to get a chance. Check out my Web site, KellycanHelp.com. I’ve got a lot of blog posts there and I have written a book on Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, and I would like for you to get a copy. So go to my Web page. Type in your email address. Download it or give us a call and we’ll send your hardcopy while supplies last. Hope you have a great day. And I look forward to talking to you soon.

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